Why do I need backups? Is my data not safe in the cloud?

Your Xero data is very safe, however there are still plenty of reasons to have a backup:

Where do my backups get stored?

You can configure a backup to be sent by email or stored in your Microsoft OneDrive (Personal Edition). Please note that backups over 20MB may not be able to be sent via email.

What makes your backup solution better than the competition?

Apart from being very low cost, here's some features other backup services may not provide:

What do I get in a backup?

You get a password protected ZIP file that contains a CSV file for each of the tables in Xero. You can download a sample here: Demo Company (AU).zip

Can you backup my files?

Yes. Ledgerbackup.com can sync the files area of Xero (where your inbox and folders are) to your MS OneDrive On-Demand. You cannot backup files that are directly uploaded to transactions.

What are On-Demand backups?

On-Demand backups are backups triggered by you instead of a schedule. They are started by clicking the Options button beside a backup. You can do an On-Demand backup of data or your files. On-Demand backups are limited to once per day

Can LedgerBackup restore my backups?

This is not a restore service.

Can I disable the password on the ZIP file?

No, the passwords are there to keep your data safe.